Dr. Anderson Ruffin Abbott, Dr. Lewis Milburn, Air Marshal Billy Bishop

Dr. Anderson Ruffin Abbott first Black Canadian to graduate from Medical School, University of Toronto, 1861. Dr. Lewis H. Milburn McGill University Bachelor of Science and  first Black Canadian to graduate from Western's Medical School, 1957. On the advice of his mentor Air Marshal Billy Bishop Dr. Lewis Milburn became the first Black Canadian Flight Surgeon Ada Thompson-Milburn, Dr. Lewis H. Milburn, Lewis B. Milburn, and Geneva Cross-Milburn.

Quadrature of the Sphere

                 Underground Railroad Memorial Monument Detroit Windsor Sculptor Ed Dwight

Before a capacity crowd of Underground Railroad descendants participating in the Underground Railroad Families Historical Society's "Memorial Ceremony", dignitaries (Mayor Dennis Archer, Aretha Franklin) and descendants placed memorial wreaths of remembrance at the riverfront Detroit- Windsor Underground Railroad Memorial Monuments.After the 1993 completion of Dwight's Underground Railroad Battle Creek Memorial,Dr.David Milburn was instrumental in facilitating the concept of Detroit Windsor riverfront Memorial Monuments.            

                    First Lady Michelle Obama,  Sojourner Truth bust,Cathy Hughes TVOne, Artist Artis Lane                        

First Lady Michelle Obama gave an inspiring enlighten lecture at the unveiling ceremony of abolitionist Sojourner Truth bust. Underground Railroad descendant Artist Artis Lane was able to complete Sojourner Truth bust masterpiece with the support of Cathy Hughes. First Lady Michelle Obama was instrumental placing Sojourner Truth bust in Emancipation Hall, U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC.
                                 North American Black Historical Museum’s Amherstburg, Ontario celebrates 30th Anniversary

Before a capacity crowd of dignitaries and Underground Railroad descendants at the North American Black Historical Museum, 277 King St., Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada, Dr. David Milburn accepted the Imhotep Award posthumously on behalf of his father Dr. Lewis Milburn in recognition of his “mark of excellence “in medicine. During his medical career, Dr. Lewis Milburn received the Medical Humanitarian Medal from Secretary of State Dean Rusk and President John F. Kennedy for his humanitarian work in Africa.

            Reception likewise in recognition of Museums 30th anniversary celebrated its rich Underground Railroad Legacy. Museum curator Elise Harding-Davis denoted the Underground Railroad Heritage is acknowledged by many historians and scholars as the movement that played a pivotal role in bringing the civil rights struggle to the forefront  of political consciousness, and forever changed the humanitarian concepts of the Western Hemisphere. With the help of Native Americans including Chiefs Pontiac and Tecumseh from 1680 to 1840, more than 100,000 runway slaves escaped from the south to Michigan and Canada. Underground Railroad descendants still live on the Mt. Pleasant Reservation and the Walpole Island Reservation in Ontario.

            The War of 1812 marked the unification of Blacks and Native Americans into a powerful military force that prevented the spread of slavery from the United States to Canada. After initial military victory, credence was given to the fact that only the military push of civil war would eradicate slavery in the United States. Detroit and Chatham, Ontario are the locations were abolitionists John Brown, Frederick Douglass and Josiah Henson planned the raid on Harper’s Ferry, Va. Fascinating African global perspective of ancient Kemet (translation Land of the Blacks)  was given citing books from Smithsonian scholar Dr. Ivan Van Sertima of Rutgers University visiting Professor at Princeton University, Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar ( African Origin of Civilization, Egypt), Dr. Frances Cress Welsing formerly of Howard University Medical School (The Isis Papers, Cress Theory), Dr. Cheryl LaRoche University of Maryland visiting Professor Georgetown University and Dr. Charles Finch III of Morehouse Medical School.

Greeks Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Hippocrates and Pythagoras were all educated in ancient Kemet (Egypt), Africa.   Plato stated, “Compared with the Egyptians, the Greeks are childish mathematicians” Aristotle described the Africans, “The Ethiopians and Egyptians are very black”. The ancient Greek Herodotus, "the Ethiopians and Egyptians have thick lips, broad noses, woolly hair and burnt skin”. Africans were the first builders of monumental civilizations, including the development of writing scripts, sciences, medicine, advanced mathematics, engineering, architecture, astronomy, physics, religion and the fine arts. Imhotep, the father of medicine and architecture, was the worlds first historical genius. Imhotep, eminent architect of the Saqqara Pyramid temple complex forerunner to Pharaoh Khufu’s Great Pyramid.

            African religious influences are still present today. Amen was said at the end of the prayers in temples of Amen-Ra and it can still be heard today in churches around the world. Pharaoh Akhenaten, King Tuts father, pioneer of religious monotheism had a profound theological effect on the ancient African Hebrews and Essenes (Dead Sea Scrolls). Ancient Hebrews would later send missionaries to the Khazar Empire in Eastern Europe resulting in a large European conversion to Judaism. World’s first religious trinity Osirus father, Isis mother and Horus son dates back to 7,000 b.c. Horus virgin birth occurred on the sun’s Winter Solstice December 25th. When daylight becomes longer hence the child of virgin birth bringing forth illumination. Black statues of Isis and Horus were the Archetype for Madonna and Child. Many of the Egyptian Pharaohs, such as Queen Hatsheput who ruled as Pharaoh and Ramses III sent naval expeditions to the far corners of the earth Expeditions West to Central America Olmecs (Quetzalcoatl), Sumerians (Blackheads), East to India (Buddha) and S.E. Asia (Angkor Wat). The Polynesian Kahuna Religion states that Polynesians originated from the African Nile Valley. With closing remarks Elise Harding-Davis invited guests to view museums Underground Railroad exhibit and tour Canada’s first National Underground Railroad Historic Site, museum’s Nazery A.M.E. Church

Deputy Director AeroSpace Medicine Dr. Lewis Milburn representing the U.S. Air Force at the International European Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine in Rome.


Historical Society Archives

                                                                    Buxton National Historic Site and Museum,North Buxton,Ontario
Honoree late Dr. Lewis Milburn standing in front of First Baptist Church. Dr. Milburn’s ancestors provided a protected sanctuary in Chatham, Ontario for a meeting of abolitionists including Frederick Douglass and John Brown this historical meeting helped precipitate the Civil War and Emancipation. Dr.Milburn toured Buxton National Historic Site Museum,attended several Buxton Labor Day Homecomings. Emancipation Day Celebration : Windsor Ontario, London (Beth Emanuel BME Church) Owen Sound, Amherstburg, Collingwood (Carolynn and Sylvia Wilson-Sheffield Park Black History Museum) Clarksburg, Hamilton (St. Paul's AME Church - Prince Hall Mason Plaque), Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick (Willow Grove Baptist Church), Toronto Simcoe Day-Caribana, St. Catharines, Montreal (Union United Church) Quebec, Halifax Nova Scotia (Viola Desmond, Rosa Parks), Winnipeg Manitoba, Eldon Saskatchewan (Shiloh Baptist Church), Edmonton Alberta (Emmanuel AME Church) Vancouver - Victoria (First Baptist Church North Star Mission) British Columbia, Canada.

Underground Railroad Families 


                                                                                   Freedom Conductor Award Recipients

Underground Railroad Descendants – museum trustee chairman Colonel Lawrence Millben, Dr. David Milburn, and Dr. Carlyle Fielding Stewart III Freedom Conductor Award recipients experienced the empowerment while viewing museums ancient Egyptian “Visiting the Royal Family” exhibit and the Underground Railroad artifacts. Toronto (Royal Ontario Museum), Hamilton (Griffin House), Niagara Falls Heritage Area, Salem Chapel B.M.E Church (Harriet Tubman) St. Catharines, Montreal Quebec (Philipsburg United Church), African Meeting House Boston (Rev. Thomas Paul), Cheyney University Cheyney Pennsylvania, Belmont Mansion Philadelphia, Hosanna A.U.M.P. Church Lincoln University ( Dr. Judith A.W. Thomas), United Church on the Green adjoining Yale University, Memorial A.M.E Zion Church (Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony) Rochester New York, Mother A.M.E. Zion Church New York, Metropolitan A.M.E. Church Washington D.C. St. John's Episcopal Church Cleveland Ohio, Case Western Reserve University (Owen Brown), Bethel A.M.E Church Indianapolis Indiana, Quinn Chapel A.M.E. Church Chicago Illinois were North Star Underground Railroad Destinations.

         President William Jefferson Clinton, Colonel Lawrence Millben, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm

President Bill Clinton signed the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Act to preserve and protect the Underground Railroad.
Key Underground Railroad conveyance domains William Still House, First Congregational Church of Detroit (Harriet Beecher Stowe), Buxton Historic Site Museum (Shannon Prince), Warren House Harvard University Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., Josiah Henson House Dresden.

                                                                                                          Charles H Wright Museum

Dr. David Milburn was the recipient of Charles H. Wright Museum's coveted "Legacy Award," chaired the Economic Development Committee during the building of Museum of African American History. Dr. Milburn standing to the left of his mentor's Dr. Charles H. Wright bust, David Smedley's masterpiece. Dr. Wright was a mentor to many in medicine and encouraged noblesse oblige, giving back to the community. Underground Railroad Descendants Dr. Barbara Smith, Dr. David Milburn, Dr. Roberta Wright of the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Colonel Lawrence Millben retired base commander of Selfridge Airbase, and Grace Doss.

​Underground Railroad International Legacy: Chief Tecumseh Fort Malden(Mona Stonefish, Trustee Philip Alexander - Amherstburg Freedom Museum) King's Counsel Delos Rogest Davis - Justice Lloyd Dean Essex County, Dr. Howard McCurdy Windsor Ontario, London - Dr. Lauren McCurdy St. Joseph's Hospital, Rev. Cory Milburn Grant AME Church Toronto Canada (Black History Month-Dr. Douglas and Beverley Salmon, Warren G. Salmon, Dr. Howard A Blanchette, Rosemary Sadlier, Kathy Grant Legacy Voices, Gwyneth M. Chapman, OBHS founder Dr. Daniel G. Hill, Nikki Clarke), Thornton and Lucie Blackburn (Karolyn S. Frost) house Cecelia Jane Reynolds, John W. Morrison - Cataract House, Fort Erie, Nathaniel Dett Memorial Chapel BME Church Niagara Falls, Nova Scotia ( William Hall-Victoria Cross, Viola Desmond, Dr. George McCurdy, Justice Corrine E. Sparks, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), Prince Albert - President Society Extinction of Slavery, St. Matthews Episcopal Church Detroit (William Lambert), Dr. William Henry Fitzbutler - Fitzbutler House Medical School University of Michigan,  Ann Arbor, Oberlin College (Tamika Y. Nunley) Oberlin Ohio, Vassar College (Matthew Vassar) NY, Dartmouth College (Rev. Johnathan C. Gibbs) NH, Middlebury College (Alexander Twilight) VT, Dr. John Van Salee De Grasse (Jacqueline Kennedy, Humphrey Bogart, Gloria Vanderbilt) Alexander Hamilton, Ida Stover Eisenhower, Babe Ruth, Clark Gable, Denmark Vesey-Emanuel A.M.E. Church Charleston S.C., Rev. Asa Turner - Denmark Congregational Church Iowa, Fort Monroe VA, Melungeons (President Abraham Lincoln, Ava Gardner, Elvis Presley) Appalachia, Fort Pulaski GA., Fort Mose - St. Augustine, Chief Osceola Seminole Nation Florida, Louisiana - Haiti (Toussaint Louverture 1798), Patricia Ann Talley and Candelaria Donaji Mendez Tello, Coahuila Mexico (Roseann Bacha -Garza, President of Mexico Vicente Guerrero 1829, Vicente Riva Palacio, Jose Maria Morelos, Gaspar Yanga), Tony Gleaton Smithsonian Exhibit "Africas Legacy in Mexico"

                                                                                                                               Alpha Phi Alpha Brothers

Underground Railroad descendants Mayor Dennis Archer, Ada Thompson-Milburn family matriarch, and Dr. David A. Milburn share family history at Dr. Milburn's Detroit residence.

                                                    Atty.Roderick D. Gillum, Mayor Dennis Archer, Atty. Harry E. Johnson Sr., Coach Tony Dungy 

Atty. Roderick D. Gillum board chairman (et. W.K. Kellogg Foundation) and Atty. Harry E. Johnson Sr. president of the Washington D.C. Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial. Mayor Dennis Archer first African American President Elect of American Bar Association. Paul Robeson grandfather Charles H. Bustill was an abolitionist and U.R. conductor. Underground Railroad descendant Coach Tony Dungy (Jimmy Raye of Light M.S.U. Duffy Daugherty, Quiet Strength) first African American NFL coach to win Super Bowl. Descendant Dr. Yenwith Whitney an elite fighter pilot Tuskegee Airmen and M.I.T aeronautical engineer.